The Mobs Collection

Mobs Design - You Can Call A Monster Friend
In the Dungeon we call level two the Warrens. It’s the home of the best group of goblins and orcs you ever karoake’d with. Poko the orc and Cham Cham the goblin won the raffle to be featured on a shirt, but to be honest if we could have a shirt made for all the humanoids of level two, these two would’ve been first anyway. 
Mobs Design - You Can Call A Monster Friend

The Dungeon is so negatively portrayed in the media. What nobody knows is that, sure there are “bad” monsters, but there are also loving and caring monsters who would love nothing more then sharing a cappuccino with you and talking about stuff.

Mobs Design - Monsters Are Fabulous

When you think Dungeon, you probably don’t think fashion shows, off-broadway musicals, and book clubs. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the Dungeon. 

Mobs Design - A Zombie Can Be Trusted

You might know that you can trust a Zombie to eat a persons face. But did you know you can trust a Zombie with a secret? Or to pick up bottle of wine on the way home from work?

Mobs Design - Draugr Punk

Level 1 of the Dungeon is loud. And not because it’s crowded, but because the Draugr love their music. Are walking skeletons dangerous? Only to your ear drums. Oi!

Mobs Design - Zombies Can Be Trusted

Level 1 of the Dungeon is sort of like the freshman dorms. Sure you want to be a grown-up monster one day that inspires fear and respect…but until then let’s get lit!  Literally. 

Mobs Design - Vampire Babies

Level 1 of the Dungeon wouldn’t be the same without packs of loud, mischievous Vampire Babies roaming around. Sure if you came to visit they would use your body as a “ba ba” – but they’re sooo cute!