The Zont Collection

Zont Design - Aliens Have Big Hearts
Zontco is the governing corporation of the planet Zont. The Zontco Travel Division handles all intergalactic travel to and from the planet and the Zont take their good will to all species very seriously. They don’t just come in peace, they come in love.
Zont Design - Aliens Have Big Hearts

Not all Aliens have acid for spit or hunt other species. Some are small, furry and depending on who you ask – cute. Take the Giglet that lives on Zont. Once they find a home they never leave. Ever. 

Zont Design - Do Not Tease An Alien

Aliens have feelings too, ok?

Zont Design - From A Gug

This is a Giglet. “Gugs” or Giglet-Huggers love Giglets so much they see them as nothing but cute and lovable.

Automaton Design - Detroit Is Self-Aware
This is a Giglet. “Grunts” or Giglet-Hunters see Giglets as a malevolent nuisance that must be eradicated.